Audio Engineer

Welcome to my new page. In addition to my work as a musician and composer I like to work on the technical and business side of making music as well. Since I arrived in NY city in 2002 I have branched out in many ways, all of which have allowed me to embrace a lifelong passion for the inner workings of how the the music is made. From the very first seed of an idea, jotting it down, arranging, finding the right players and recording to post production. I love being in the studio and as a result, through our independent Habana/Harlem® label, we have released five cd’s and co-produced at least one other. On many of these releases I have contributed my skills as an audio engineer. More than half of them have made it to the first round of the Grammys in several categories. Working as a film composer has also helped me to hone my skills in the studio and since December of 2014 I have been part of a team of very talented and uber resourceful individuals on Brooklyn Independent Medias thursday night Cable TV show B Side.On this page of my website I gladly share some samples of my work as an audio engineer. For more information go to BKINDIEMEDIA


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