Ornette Coleman and Gunther Schuller



It’s easy to map a bridge between the two men and call it Jazz. But under the surface we see that what makes these two great artists the authors of their own canon is their ability, nay their drive, to communicate to an audience. The impatient listeners won’t hear it. Under seemingly complicated forms and polyrhythms lies a statement projected back onto ourselves, themselves. They are holding up a panoramic image up to our face and have stepped in right next to us as if to pose for a selfie and all the while we see them as distant and separate from ourselves. In awe of them we create an impassable abyss between us and them. Embrace the beauty, therein lies the simplicity.

Gunther Schuller interviews Ornette Coleman 1960 beginning with Ornettes Giggin. Interview starts at around 5:04.


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